Our Team

Kasey Sipiorski CLTC
I am passionate about the work I do as a Financial Advisor. While in school, there was little to no education on financial planning. In church it was said, "Be a good steward with your money", but no information was given on how to do this. My parents said, "Save your money!", but with little detail or guidance.
I am honored to serve as a resource to individuals, families, and companies. My job is to educate, inform, and help my clients understand what it means to make informed financial decisions, be a good steward, and save efficiently.
The purpose of Vision Financial is to inspire a vision of an empowered life through financial health, one connected, directed, and dedicatd plan at a time. Connection with people is our priority; it's about the person and what they want to accomplish. Direction with strategy is working together to determine the best plan of action for each individual. Dedication is our pledge to review and revise as needed to ensure your plan adapts to life's changes.